Your Unsung’s Tale: The half orc who hold a deathtrap

Half orc fighting an undead. Artwork: Paizo Blog

Ho, matey,

a lot of people did find their way into my tavern today. Nice! Just opened those rusty doors, and they like it. Wanna beer? Or something with more “spirit”? Even if you don’t drink or eat, this story is for free. One of my guests, +Mark Knights , told it to me. It’s his Unsung’s Tale.

As he said, he played a half orc called Amphora. This fighter / cleric had more luck than green skin on his body, I assume! As Mark said, “… the most memorable moment was wearing a magic ring that he had no idea what it did.”

Now listen: “It turned out to be the big evil magician’s soul in a soul jar.  He gave it away to a werewolf minion of the magician.”

Hell, why, you think? Mark sighed and smiled: “Because he couldn’t figure it out. I think Sauron just got a get out of jail free card.”

Yeah, I think so, too. Gotta remind us of not taking anything flashy. Might be more than a surprise!

Wanna new beer?

Don’t forget to eat fruits, matey!

Cheers, Nic

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