From 1 to 2: When leveling up in a role-playing game is really big


Hoi, mateys,

why does playing a level 1 character make fun despite the fact you might be killed by a simple stone falling on you at the wrong moment?

In my case, one of the possible reasons is quite simple: Because reaching level 2 is a lot more fun than turning a experienced character into a heroic monster’s nightmare.

In our actual Pathfinder campaign I play a Talented rogue. This class is able to combine elements you might know from the monk, rogue and ninja. For example, I own a Ki pool.

The last evening, Crost – that’s how my buddies call him – reached level 2. And from one moment to the other, my character was able to do his first sneak attack and the vanishing trick. Keeping this in mind, preparing to explore the pirate ship we’re aboard was much more exciting.

Like a shadow

With the trick, I’m able to disappear for one round per level. As I sneaked the ship at night and my final stealth check failed, this trick saved my butt. Otherwise, one of the guards would have seen me. If I’m right, it was simply a key moment transforming an ambitious idea into a perfect rogue moment.

Knowing how to drive a car is good. Finally driving it without been scared to crash is better. Preparing a character sheet displaying a rogue is good. Finally knowing how to use your key talents at the right time is … wonderful.

I’ve got the feeling I get closer and closer to my new character class. I’m aware of his abilities. It’s fun – let’s see if my next plan goes well, too: To put away one of the most dangerous enemies on board without fighting him from face to face.

Priorities have changed

I’ll keep you up to date. Probably it takes some time as this post took some time to be realised, too. In April, my second son will be born. Preferences have already changed and still change. For example, I spend more time at reading and sports than blogging.

Finishing this post I wonder: Do you remember playing a low level character, too? And how it felt leveling up the first time? What was your hero able to do? And how did you put it into the game?

I’d love to read your thoughts on my blog.

Cheers, Nic

P.S. Don’t forget to eat fruits, mateys.

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