First sea fight, first headache
– which way do I go?


Ho mateys,

last friday our group met to play another Pathfinder session. As you probably remember, we are running our first campaign in this universe. It wasn’t the classical “hire a hero” joint venture. Our party had been kidnapped to be part of the crew aboard a pirate ship. Till friday, everything was about surviving aboard the rotten vessel.

As tiny level one characters, a wrong meal might have ended our career within the blink of an eye. It’s still exciting and makes a lot of fun to not play a god of war. For my recent blog post I took this refreshing experience as the main topic.

On our youngest session I had a challenge not as easy to master as I first thought: To decide which way my character might choose. As the man in our crow’s nest yelled “Sails ahead!”, it was clear: Our first fight will take place.

“Take yer knife!”

And there my character was: An unexperienced guy facing a fight with two opportunities. Not to fight and to face death either from the hand of the captain or a court of law in reach. Or to do my very best to take over the foreign vessel, even if my character Crost had to kill some unknown sailors. It was a pretty annoying moment until one of my buddies was attacked by the others ships’ soldiers. I drew my knifes to help him.

What’s the difficulty about this situation? Normally, you play a shiny knight ready to run a honorable mission. In this campaign there is no lady captured by bad guys. You have to decide what your character might do to survive. It’s interesting to be caught in such a double windmill when the boarding fight starts.

Before, fractions and possibilites aboard were clear: On the one side a bunch of novices fighting for their life, on the other the heinous captain and his down-and-dirty followers.

New ways

I don’t want to take away too much so I’ll finish this post by this: We’re aboard a new ship now, ruled by one of the former followers of our captain. But I bet we gonna see this bad-ass captain again.

Will I do, too? Probably a bit later but for the best reason possible: In one or two weeks my second son will be born. Let’s see how much loot our youngest pirate takes!

What about you and your role-playing moments? Did you ever experience such a moment where you knew: “No, that’s not only a bit questionable. I’ll do nasty things to ensure my character doesn’t face death.” If so, what kind of situation was it? And did you solve it without joining the chaotic evil pathway?

I wish good health to you, mateys! Don’t forget to eat fruits!


Artwork Featured Image: Paizo Blog

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