Your Unsung’s Tale:
Flint with fire in his vein

A new halfling baby is born. Artwork from the Paizo blog

Ho, mateys,

sometimes we are bigger as it seems at the first moment. +Mark Hunt reminded me of this fact a few days ago. He told me the story of his former character Flint. But listen to him by yourself! Mark, take yerself a beer, it’s time for your tale!

“My first character was in basic D&D. I  played a halfling named Flint. He was “Flint the Fighter” even tho they could not technically be a fighter. But I played him like one anyway.

I remember my first fight, The group was facing a party of six orcs, it was four of us. We thought this was not going to be a challenge to a pair of wizards, a cleric and a halfling fighter.

Boy, was I wrong.

I dropped my sword on my very first swing.  The wizards  dropped as soon as they got hit. The cleric was trying to keep them alive while I was stuck facing the orcs. I had to finish up with darts and a dagger.

It was epic because I scored a crit with a dart and fought of three orcs with a dagger.

I managed to win the battle as the rest of the party lay around me. I was a true hero that day!

That was 33 years ago, I remember that battle like it just happened. I managed to
make it to 5th level with the guy.

Man, halflings hold a special place in my gaming circle to this day.”

Thanks again for sharing your story, Mark!


Artwork Featured Image: Paizo Blog

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