When the ghoul ladies won the initiative

Fighter attacked by a ghoul

Ho, mateys,

I’m still scared. There was this heap of dead flesh, flies, a scent of death – and these three undead ladies. Ok, once they’ve been beautiful women, but now their bodies and souls had changed to something scary, longing for blood and fresh flesh.

Bad for our party: We disturbed this couple while traveling over a long abandoned island, looking for places not overrun by flies. Undead flies.

Making the mentioned encounter even more exciting: We’re still a bunch of level two characters, eager to avoid the fights we probably might loose. Our adventure is located at the Pathfinder universe. We’re pirates, trying to achieve a certain level of normality after fearing for our lives.

We started bad with loosing initiative to the ghoul ladies. Finally, they were defeated. But it was a short one.

Know your abilities

Exploring group of adventurers

Right now, we’re exploring a abandoned island. Artwork: Paizo

Again, it was very exciting to play low level characters. Often, you’re forced to not take the direct way to succeed over your enemies. Furthermore, you’ve got to know your character in detail. Which abilities do I have, for example?

In my opinion, playing a low level character even pushes your creativity and the willingness of your game master. I remember a certain scenario in detail: When a big swarm approached our party and it was clear I won’t be able to flee, I jumped into the swamp’s most ugly water hole.

My idea: If I stink like hell, the swarm probably won’t catch me. This idea was good, only my die rolled not good enough. So, I dodged half of the damage. Better than getting a full attack, isn’t it? After jumping into the swamp again, the mosquitos lost my trace completely.

Two things fitted together: A way a high level character won’t take and a game master opened for ideas of his players.

We’re level 3!

This saturday we meet again to do another session. First, we level up: Now, we’re level 3. For example, as a thief I’ll get my second sneak attack d6. New possibilities will show up. But: Also, a certain amount of “low level magic” will be lost.The more level your characters get, the more important the story telling of your game master and your character playing will be. Otherwise, it’s just a comparison of hit points and dice luck.

What about you? What do you think is important for a good party development?
I look forward to hearing from you!

Keep yourself healthy,

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