Summer ’78 – a Star Wars short film loaded with memories

In the recent weeks, watching Star Wars themed commercials or news clips became boring. Yes, there’s a new movie coming at the end of the year. And yes, I’m eager to know what it’s like, too. But: The message spread out on every medium was nearly the same.

The most entertaining moments come around on light steps. If I watch movies like the one in the video above, it makes me realize again how much I love Star Wars.

How much I loved the time with my Star Wars toys. How proud I became when I finally got the Millennium Falcon and a small but fine collection of official figures. Playing in the sandbox was my favorite: I wonder how many poor souls died in a sand trap like the one in “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”.

My favorite bad guy: Boba Fett. Even Luke Skywalker didn’t have a chance to stand against him. C’mon: Rocket back package versus white clothes?

Star Wars – the role playing game

Years later I played the official Star Wars role playing game, too. Memories are foggy. Probably due to the fact that two of my co-players used our session to smoke their hash pipe. Thank god they quitted one day.

This wasn’t the role playing game I was looking for.

Thank god the overall experience improved. We had something like a plot to explore. What makes me smile: Thinking about my friend Fidi who played a diplomatic guy, wielding an axe. Or my own character, allowed by our game master to wear a used storm trooper uniform. Fortunately, the Empire didn’t care.

I have to admit I don’t miss playing this game. Although it became better after the two hash puppies left, we didn’t dive deep into the game.

What about you? What does fan art like this video mean to you? And which memories come back while watching? I love to read your answers.

Matey, stay healthy!


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