Dusted: “Sworn in Steel” by Douglas Hulick

Ogre versus Gypsy. Artwork: Paizo Blog

Salute, mateys!

Finally, I managed to complete “Sworn in Steel”, book two of the “A tale from the kin” series written by Douglas Hulick. I enjoyed it pretty much. It’s one of the books I wasn’t able to put away. And if I had to pause for a while, it was easy to find back into the story.

Hulick created a detailed character involved into an entertaining world. Basically it’s about a thief lord searching for a vanished friend. On his search the Gray Prince is forced to get behind his known frontiers and trust people he never saw before. The story around Drothe – that’s the main character’s name – is located in a medieval like setting, magic included.

"Sworn in Steel" by Douglas Hulick.

“Sworn in Steel” by Douglas Hulick.

“Sworn in Steel” is the second book in a series of three. Number one – Among Thieves – was one of the first books I bought to dive deeper into a thief’s world. Main motivation: I chosed to play a new character class in our monthly Pathfinder campaign. My character Crost is a rogue, right now at level 4.

As rogues are often not the shining knights riding on horses, Drothe isn’t a true hero, too. Although senseless murder isn’t his thing, he doesn’t have a problem with paying some muscles to beat someone up and getting the needed information this way. At the beginning this fact disturbed me. Then, it changed. Drothe does have some principles.

Spicing up the two books is Douglas Hulick’s knowledge of swordplay and liking of delicious food. Yes, you heard me right: Douglas uses detailed pictures of good food to illustrate his world. So good I sometimes had to lick my lips after Drothe took a break at one of his favorite snack bars. It’s the same with the swordplay: It adds colors to the fights, colors to the fighting style a thief uses – or his enemies. Finally, the book series benefits from several street slang words. The word “dusted” for example I used in my headline means something like “to kill / finish someone”.

I wonder when book 3 comes to life one day. Douglas has an own webpage, news section included. Unfortunately, book 3 isn’t a topic. Fortunately, his facebook page shows a different picture. Douglas is writing. Hope never dies!

Do you know Douglas Hulick? If not and you love fantasy books, read the two existing books. Each one is fun.

Cheers, Nico


Artwork Featured Image: Paizo Blog

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