About “The Unsung’s Scuttlebutt”

Aye, mate!

Take yerself a seat! What’ya drinking? Beer? We even got water – somewhere. I have to take a look. At “The Unsung’s Scuttlebutt”, you won’t leave thirsty, I assure.

What a tavern it is? A tale tavern. A bar where the unknown heroes get their share of the gold. Their share of the story. Where the long forgotten come to life again.

I’m Nic, your favorite barman. I played several role playing games and still love to play. My very first was “Das Schwarze Auge”, after it we started to play “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”, Shadowrun, Star Wars and “Dungeons & Dragons”. Now we prepare to jump into a Pathfinder campaign.

We will start at the Shackles on a pirate ship, our game master said. That’s the reason for me to chose this name. In the past, the “scuttlebutt” was a barrel where sailors met on a ship to drink water and to talk about the latest rumors. That’s what this blog is meant to be, too.

Main Part of the gossip at the “Unsung’s Scuttlebutt” will be little stories told about the adventures my new Pathfinder character will experience. First level character, as I have to add – a whole new start!

But I loved the idea to give you the chance to tell your story, too. What and how? Point your eyes on this part of the blog, matey!

Now, I’m the one loving to hear your story.

Cheers, Nic

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