Your character’s story

Aye, mate!

Do you love playing role playing games? Especially in settings like Pathfinder or D&D, “Das Schwarze Auge” or another medieval worlds? Me, too.

Do you love remembering which characters you played? I do. And I love talking with other RPG fans about their chars. Especially the reasons what made them so special and memorable.

Which RPG character did you love most? And why? Use the contact formular at the right side of the page and send me a few lines. For example, send me his or her name, his character class, details about special fights he or she fought. Or moments in your role playing partys’ history your character took part you still have in mind. Finally, where your RPG hero made his final appearance and who you are – that adds flesh to the bones.

I’d be very happy if you keep it as short as a talk with your best friend. The bigger is the chance for me to scan it quickly and to publish it.

Till now, the following tales have been told at the “Unsung’s Scuttlebutt”

After receiving your mail I crosscheck it. And try to create a tale told at the “Unsung’s scuttlebutt”, a tavern where the unknown heroes are the main part of the gossip.

Remember to eat fruits!